Three mums all heading back to work after maternity leave.

Three different perspectives never usually the same.

6 kids (4 babies 2 teenagers).



Mummy to one little girl, 13 months. Living in sin, well out of my means with the tidiest man alive…..

Clean eater. Wannabe fashionista and dungaree enthusiast.

I’m lucky enough to work for our family jewellery business, established in 1904, now in its 5th generation.




Mummy to 13 month old Oliver – who has a truly wicked grin and one single cheek dimple.

Wife to Simon – Man child with an obsession for buying and selling vintage toys and lego.

Who am I ? Still figuring that bit out each and every new day….

Full time Business Relationship Manager within Workforce Development for Local Government


30-something (I can never remember)

Trying my best to mum three brilliant humans aged 16, 14 and 2. Feeling my way through parenthood.

Egg donor, studying, travel, fitness, crafter,  over-sharer and professional potty mouth.

Full-time NHS worker,  passionate people person who just wants to make a  difference and be happy. 

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Dani
    I met you today at a conference. I had my baby with me and before arriving felt nervous about how people would react to my bringing him along.
    At lunch you came over and told me about your blog and how great it was that I had brought my son along. I just wanted to say thank you for this. Your comments quite simply made my day.
    I hope you enjoyed the conference and hope to bump into you again soon.
    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    • JANE!!!!
      Now I know your name and everything. You are all over our Instagram account I have been telling everyone about what a complete hero you are and they all agree! Thank you for looking us up and saying hello! I am so glad you brought the little fella he made the whole thing more interesting. If you ever do make it onto Instagram (and if so within the next 24 hours) you will hear all about it 😉
      Keep up the excellent work xx Dani


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