Dani 2018 A year of positivity and self-care

Laters 2017!  What a year.

All through my maternity leave I referred to 2017 as the year of fun, I was excited about having a year where I wasn’t planning a wedding, pregnant or breastfeeding.

2017 felt like a fresh start, a chance to get on with things, I would be back at work and earning again, I stopped  breastfeeding so could venture further afield and I was getting a bit of the old me back, adult conversation and spending more time with the older two on their own.

It was also the beginning of She’s a Working  Mum with Beth and Ali. The response from people has been brilliant. We are quite proud of what we have done so far! We have even bigger plans for 2018 so stay tuned.

The reality was quite different, I spent much of the year dealing with various teenager issues. It was frustrating that any time something ‘fun’ was planned something would crop up, like I would put my back out, or there would be a secret party going on in my house! On the positive side it was the year of holidays and the break away with Evie was hilarious, even if we landed in the wrong airport.

This has truly been my most difficult year parenting. Last week I was discussing how I feel like I need to be part time at work more now than when the kids were young. It seems quite common amongst mums to think that it’s easier to do more at work when the kids get older, I have have found the opposite.
So based on this experience I am not going to aim to have a year of fun in 2018 (although I feel like I am owed one!), I am going to have a year of positivity and self-care. A year of ensuring I can survive another one and finish in the best place possible. Emotional and mental resilience and care.

2018 will be a year of no dwelling on the past or worrying about things, instead I will try to be more mindful and full of perspective. I am going to try and do this while also reducing my swearing! Those of you who know me will be aware that this will not be easy. I do love a good cuss.

So how will I do this?

· I shall be doing lots of exercise. I would like to be strong and fit to help build a healthy resilience. I have set a minimum number of sessions a week to aim for.

  • I will be practicing yoga to help me relax and stretch. I will supplement this with an app I found called Calm. I will learn to meditate and hopefully this will help my sleeping.
  • I am going to be watching what I eat and trying to cut out processed foods especially meat and bread but mostly sugar.
  • I am going to read before bed instead of sitting for hours on Instagram.

I am not sure how this is all going to work time wise but I think that in writing these goals down I am going to be more likely to do it. I will let you know how it goes. You can follow us on Instagram for daily updates.

How do you look after yourself ! Do you have any top tips or comments? I would love to hear them.



4 thoughts on “Dani 2018 A year of positivity and self-care

  1. I find it quite hard to balance the culture of self-care (which for mums seems to be quite social media based – especially if you blog) and self-care in terms of screen time. I tend to end up on social media so much outside work, when the little one is in bed!

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