Battle of the Sexes

So the 20 week scan had arrived. Despite facing much judgement about our decision to find out the gender, we were excited to get what we assumed would be confirmation of another boy. Also as I’ve mentioned before, our lives are dictated by a spreadsheet, so said spreadsheet (and Simon) needed to know if extra money would be needed for new pink stuff or not. My family had been insistent that I was destined to only have boys, my sister has 2 boys and I had Oliver, so I too believed that would be the case.

At 20 weeks and 6 days (obviously as late as possible!) we show up to our anomaly scan. The technician was abrupt and was all about the necessity of her job – slightly lacking the people skills I remember from Oliver’s anomaly scan. She took all the measurements she needed and confirmed all looked healthy before asking if we wanted to know the sex, “yes!” We both exclaimed! I had to turn over a couple of time while she prodded to try and see bubs bits but it was no good, legs were crossed and bub wasn’t going to move. The technician wasn’t interested in doing anything to make baby move, again very different to our experience with Oliver (I was sent off to eat chocolate in order to make him move). So that was that, “it will just have to be a surprise, guys”, she adamantly said to us. She reminded us that finding out the sex wasn’t the purpose of the scan so we shouldn’t expect her to do any more. I remember feeling incredibly frustrated and a bit tearful.

We walked back to the car and quietly got in before Simon turned to me and said, “well it will just have to be a surprise”. To which I replied, “are you really ok with that?” – “No! No I’m not!” He said! So within an hour we had booked to get a private gender scan done. Best £30 we’ve ever spent! Twenty four hours later Simon, Oliver and I turned up at the clinic in Southampton to get confirmation that we could reuse all of Oliver’s clothes. The technician was lovely, super friendly and made such a fuss of Oliver, was fab! All three of us went in the room and the technician explained that we were looking for either a hot dog (boy) or a hamburger (girl). I Found this hilarious! So I lay on the bed, gel goes on, there’s baby – but no baby bits! Legs are still crossed! So I’m sent out to have some chocolate and a sweet coffee. Attempt number 2 – no movement, legs still crossed. Technician brings out the big guns . . . The birthing ball! So there I am, in the waiting room full of mums and dads bouncing up and down on a large yoga ball. Must have been doing it for about 15 minutes before I’m called in for the last attempt of the day. And there it was, clear as day – a hamburger! *Spreadsheet promptly explodes*

So there we go, our little family is set to grow by one, and luckily for me, the male to female ratio will once again be even! If I haven’t bored you to tears, I might share some thoughts on the differences between pregnancy number one and number two – so far they have been drastically different!! Also, if you have any tips for how to cope with girls, how to help handle the change for big brother, or anything else of use, please do drop us a line! Would love to hear from you!

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