I first became a mum 15 (nearly 16) years ago. I had a second baby a couple of years later and then 13 years on I find myself back at the bottom of that mummy food chain once again with a third.

The world has become a different place since 2003. Without sounding old, it actually really is!! It’s been like becoming a mum for the first time all over again (in fact, it’s nothing like the first time) but I am different. There is less teenage-mum attitude and definitely less ego. I am a “married woman” now and I also have two teenagers who certainly make life a bit more interesting/complicated/fun (delete as appropriate).
We signed up to NCT classes for several reasons and making new besties wasn’t really top of the list. I was very anxious about going into hospital and think I was looking for some magic answer to some mysterious question I didn’t even know how to ask. But… If there was another mum there with a glass of wine in her hand when I walked through the door I was interested, unfortunately that wasn’t the case. It was tea and coffee only, so I had to gauge their possible yummy mummy friend status from their reaction to my constant talk of  swigging a gin and tonic before delivering the placenta.

So why the blog? When my maternity leave cover came in for a handover she told me she was a working mum blogger (Hi Vanessa!) and I also know some other people with blogs and vlogs. I love watching people and their lives, you know, the “sitting outside peeking through a window” sort, but without the fears of getting arrested. The only problem I found was the working mum blogs that I could find (I hadn’t really got into vlogs by this point, remember I am old) were by mums who all worked pretty much part time, or were full time blogger/vloggers and it was mostly about their life with babies and toddlers. I couldn’t really find anyone I could relate to. Where was the blogger that could share the first time their 15 year old got drunk  so I could then know or see how others dealt with this parenting lark. Or at least if there was no parent “training” vlog I could know it was all ok and the 13 year old wasn’t going to be in prison by the age of 17. So, decision made, it’s time to open my curtains a bit and let other nosey people peek into my life.


I also realised  as I thought about how this might work, that as a working mum with three kids you don’t really have the time to blog! Maybe that’s why I didn’t find what I was looking for. It’s hectic enough and not the first thing on my bullet journal to do list. So that’s when Beth and I got together. We were both returning to work full time and had a passion for our careers and sharing experiences to help other mums, and so ‘She’s A Working Mum’ was born. Ali has explained how she joined us in her blog post. It was exactly like that and we love her for it.

I don’t think the older two know I am doing this. I am quite certain they wont approve as it will be too embarrassing.  I haven’t mentioned it to them and I am certain they have blocked me on all social media in order to prevent me from stalking them. It will serve them right though won’t it? There’s my first bit of advice and it isn’t to the parents: Don’t block your mum on social media, you have no idea what she will get up to behind your back!

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