Hi, I’m Beth. Local Government Officer, Wife to Simon and Mummy to Oliver. 

The last year of my life has changed me, dramatically. From starting the journey as a pregnant mum to be, through to sitting here on the day before I return to work – A mere 9 months after delivering a beautiful, albeit rather large, healthy baby boy. I wanted to write that I’m “so much more comfortable in my own skin now”, but that’s not right – I mean, who honestly loves their body immediately after having a 10Ib baby! What I think I actually mean is, I know myself so much better now. I know who I am and I’m comfortable in being that person. 

So to travel back, I met Ali and Dani along with 5 other mums to be and their partners at our first NCT antenatal class last February. I remember walking in to the room worrying that Simon and I would look like the most common couple in attendance, but I attempted to hold my head up high remembering that I had paid for this group of strangers to become my “mummy network”. I remember spotting Ali in her amazing dungarees and hating her slightly for looking so good! Dani came across as really strong and independent – a mama that meant business! I recall feeling slightly intimidated by them both and also well out of my depth. Knowing them both as I do now though, how wrong I was to be intimidated. They are two of the funniest, kindest, most beautiful people I know. I’m so lucky to call them my friends and fellow bloggers. 

By March last year, the mummy network was fully established with a WhatsApp group that easily saw over 200 messages a day! As soon as April came around (the month of mass births), I realised how incredible these women were. We supported each other in a way that I didn’t know was possible. From moaning about still being pregnant, winging about those who had already delivered (especially early!!), birth stories, through to the drama that is breast feeding vs bottle feeding, nappy content, temperatures and teething! I honestly don’t know how I would have coped without them! 


So, why am I doing this blog? Well I would like to bring you the world as a full time working mum from my perspective. I love my job and I love to be great at it. I’m learning that it’s actually ok that I’m looking forward to getting back to work, it doesn’t mean that I love Oliver any less, just that I’m passionate about more than being a mother . . . and that’s ok! 

One of the things that makes Ali, Dani and me unique is that, in my opinion, we are all such different people – three totally different individuals each coming from three totally different perspectives. There’s no apologies for our differences, instead we’ve embraced them in order to tell you all about our experiences. I’m a suck it and see kind of person and I really like to figure things out as I go, therefore I’m absolutely guaranteed to make many mistakes which I will happily share with you! If I’m giving you a giggle, sharing helpful information or just reassuring you that you’re doing ok – I’ll be a happy girl.

Much love, Beth x

5 thoughts on “Beth

  1. Great blog Beth! I’m so happy to hear you’ve made such lovely mummy friends. And thank you also for the reassurance that it’s ok to go back to work full-time – and enjoy it! Personally, I love working and I get a lot of satisfaction from having a structure to my day (however hectic it might be with added nursery drop offs and pickups) but also from contributing financially at home. And that’s not knocking anybody who decides to stay at home full time because in my honest opinion being at home with a child all day is MUCH harder than what I do! But for me it is right… and it’s lovely reading your blog and hearing that this is also right for other mummies. I’ll definitely keep following you and your friends on your journeys xxx

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  2. So open & honest! I love it! Especially as I’m a male and cannot understand the female perspective, however, I certainly have more of appreciation of the ‘returning to work’ phase!

    Great idea this blog in total though! I am positive that this will be empowering for other women going through a similar experience but to also see it from different perspectives (even if you don’t hear of the positive impact on others). It’ll also help the blokes out for sure too! Keep it up ladies!

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