Credit where credit’s due, this blog was originally Beth and Dani’s idea. I very much jumped on their bandwagon. Thanks guys! What I hope to bring to the table is my, somewhat limited, knowledge of Motherhood so far, tips I’ve learnt along the way as well as things, it turns out, you definitely shouldn’t do and maybe some recipes and outfit ideas!

My reasons for wanting to get involved… Well I guess I think I have something to say… I’ve always romanticised about starting a blog but have never really had the guts to do it so I was thrilled when Beth and Dani mentioned their idea and bugged them until they let me get in on the action! I’ve only written a couple of draft posts so far (very late at night!) but I’ve found it really soothing and a great way to make sense of the whirlwind that is parenting.

The day I met Beth and Dani was a surreal one. I arrived 10 minutes early (being late is in my top ten for irrational fears) and nervously waited in the car for signs of life. Chatting to my Mum to calm my nerves (as always) “Ooooohhh gotta go, there’s a couple who look hugely unsure, I’ll follow them!”.

Off I went in my favourite maternity dungarees hoping to give an air of cool meets ‘I’m totally ready for this’ slash ‘I threw these on with no thought at all’. I was at my first antenatal class. Alone. Daddy to be was snowboarding in Canada, obviously.

Slowly but surely COUPLES, I was assured there would be others flying solo, entered the room. And so, there we all were gaining a middle class badge of honour. NCT aka paying for friends. By the end of the third session, and with my partner in crime by this point, we’d decided everyone seemed lovely but couldn’t see us staying in touch…

Fast forward to April 2016. Babies were finally arriving and to my surprise I was communicating with and seeing an awful lot of my ‘NCT friends’. To be perfectly frank I’m not sure how I would have survived the first few weeks, and indeed beyond, without these guys. Breast feeding melt downs, projectile vomiting, 4am feeds (after 1am, 2am and 3am feeds). Perhaps if this were a MasterCard advert this is the bit which would say ‘Priceless’.

As I write this I realise, again, that maternity leave is over. On New Year’s Eve I summed 2016 up as ‘Bittersweet’. I lost my own wonderful Mother but became a Mother too. And strangely bittersweet is how I’d sum up my feelings on 2017 and returning to work. I’m excited to get back to challenges of the workplace and being creative without interruptions but desperately sad I don’t get to hang out with my new best friend every day now.

C’est la vie. Carpe diem. I am a working Mum now xx

2 thoughts on “Ali 

  1. Literally love this!!! Great post Al and a really interesting read, congrats on taking the plunge and jumping into the world of blogging – I’m super jell! Can’t wait for the next instalment. Beauts pics too xxxxxx


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